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Current Group Members

Post Doctoral Scholar

Cheoljae Kim

Cheoljae completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Pohang University of Science and Technology, receiving a B.Sc. in Chemistry in August 2008 and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in February 2014. He did research under the guidance of Dr. Young Ho Rhee working on a new approach towards N-heterocycles involving gold and palladium catalyzed reactions and their synthetic applications to natural products. Cheoljae then went on to gain industrial experience at LG Chemical Research Park and later conducted postdoctoral research under the direction of Dr. Hoyong Chung at Florida State University. In the Michaudel Lab, he is working on the bottom-up synthesis of grapheme nanoribbons. In his free time, Cheoljae enjoys playing tennis and watching sports. When he was in Florida, he also enjoyed visiting Disney World.


Pohang University of Science and Technology

Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Sarah Hancock


University of North Texas

Sarah completed her undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas and received her B.Sc. in Chemistry in May 2018. There, she worked on synthesizing pi-extended beta-functionalized benzoporphyrins for applications such as sensitizers in dye-sensitized solar cells, covalent organic frameworks, and metal organic frameworks under the direction of Dr. Hong Wang. Sarah’s research interests lie within the areas of synthetic organic chemistry and organic materials chemistry. She is currently working on synthesizing helical conjugated polymers. In her free time, Sarah enjoys going to musical and theatrical shows, baking, and hanging out with friends.

Ting-Wei (Tim) Hsu

Tim completed his undergraduate and masters studies at National Taiwan University, receiving a B.Sc. in June 2013 and a M.Sc. in October 2015, both in Chemistry. When Tim was a Master’s student, he joined a supramolecular and polymer chemistry group headed by Dr. Yi-Tsu Chan to study the behavior of self-assembly via ligand-metal coordination interactions. Tim’s research focused on constructing new functional metallo-supramolecular cages using tritopic terpyridine-based ligands. In the Michaudel Lab, he is working on the bottom-up synthesis of graphene nanoribbons. In Tim’s free time, He enjoys watching movies, working out in the gym, listening to music and skateboarding.


National Taiwan University

Ryan Kulow

Before coming to Texas A&M, Ryan completed his undergraduate studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York; receiving a B.Sc. in Chemistry in May 2018. There, he worked under Dr. Michael Aldersley synthesizing crown ether-based photosensitizers to act as catalysts for polymerization. His research interest is in synthetic organic chemistry. In the Michaudel Lab, he’s currently synthesizing new light-responsive polymers. Outside the lab, he likes to cook and play video games.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jiun Wei (Alec) Wu

Alec completed his undergraduate studies at the National Taiwan University and received his B.Sc. in Chemistry in January 2018. Because of the curiosity about synthesis and chemical biology, he started research under the direction of Dr. Tsung Shing Wang synthesizing the conjugated siderophores for selectively probing bacteria and as an antibiotic drug candidate. Alec’s research interests lie in synthetic chemistry and in the Michaudel Lab he is currently working on new functionalization methods for complex molecules. Out of the athlete spirit, Alec likes to do various sports in his free time like volleyball, softball, hiking, tennis and badminton. He also enjoys playing piano or guitar, watching anime and practicing fountain pen calligraphy for relaxation.


National Taiwain University

Undergraduate Students

Guadalupe Florencio

Guadalupe is currently a senior at Texas A&M University and will be graduating in December with a B.Sc. in Chemistry. This is her first semester working on a research lab where her interests are organic chemistry synthesis. In the Michaudel Lab, she's helping Ryan by preparing sulfamides. During her free time, Guadalupe likes to play volleyball and hang out with her friends.


Texas A&M University

Visiting Students

Jinquan Suo

Jinquan is a senior at Jilin University, in China, and is currently part of the Michaudel Lab as a visiting student. His previous undergrad research focused on designing and synthesizing porous silicone materials and covalent organic frameworks with novel structures and properties under the direction of Dr. Runwei Wang and Dr. Qianrong Fang. Jinquan’s research interests lie in organic material chemistry, and in the Michaudel lab, he is currently working on developing a new method of synthesizing sulfonamide moiety via SuFEx reactions. During his free time, Jinquan enjoys watching movies, listening to jazz music, and hiking.


Jilin University

  • Interested graduate and undergraduate students should contact Prof. Michaudel via email.


  • The laboratory is currently not accepting postdoctoral researchers. Check this page again in the future for opportunities regarding postdoctoral positions.