Current Group Members

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Arunava Maity


Arunava grew up in a small village (Namkhana, West Bengal) in the east part of India. He received his BSc and MSc in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta and IIT Madras respectively. In June 2018, he earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Science from CSIR-NCL Pune, India. His Ph.D. research work was focused on self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry of small molecule-based organic assemblies, dyes, etc. Right after finishing his Ph.D. Arunava spent 2 years in the Manners Group (University of Victoria, Canada) and a year in Nazemi Research Group (University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada) for postdoctoral research on block copolymer self-assembly. In May 2022 Arunava took up a postdoctoral research associate position in Michaudel Laboratory at the Department of Chemistry at Texas A&M University. In the Michaudel group, Arunava will explore metathesis polymerization to develop useful functional polymers. When Arunava is not in lab, he loves to go running, hiking, walking, watching soccer games, and have a great time with his family!

Graduate Students

Fourth Years

Sarah Hancock


University of North Texas

Sarah completed her undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas and received her B.Sc. in Chemistry in May 2018. There, she worked on synthesizing pi-extended beta-functionalized benzoporphyrins for applications such as sensitizers in dye-sensitized solar cells, covalent organic frameworks, and metal organic frameworks under the direction of Dr. Hong Wang. Sarah’s research interests lie within the areas of synthetic organic chemistry and organic materials chemistry. She is currently working on synthesizing helical conjugated polymers. In her free time, Sarah enjoys going to musical and theatrical shows, baking, and hanging out with friends.

Ting-Wei (Tim) Hsu


National Taiwan University

Tim completed his undergraduate and masters studies at National Taiwan University, receiving a B.Sc. in June 2013 and a M.Sc. in October 2015, both in Chemistry. When Tim was a Master’s student, he joined a supramolecular and polymer chemistry group headed by Dr. Yi-Tsu Chan to study the behavior of self-assembly via ligand-metal coordination interactions. Tim’s research focused on constructing new functional metallo-supramolecular cages using tritopic terpyridine-based ligands. In the Michaudel Lab, he is working on the bottom-up synthesis of graphene nanoribbons. In Tim’s free time, He enjoys watching movies, working out in the gym, listening to music and skateboarding.

Jiun Wei (Alec) Wu


National Taiwain University

Alec completed his undergraduate studies at the National Taiwan University and received his B.Sc. in Chemistry in January 2018. Because of the curiosity about synthesis and chemical biology, he started research under the direction of Dr. Tsung Shing Wang synthesizing the conjugated siderophores for selectively probing bacteria and as an antibiotic drug candidate. Alec’s research interests lie in synthetic chemistry and in the Michaudel Lab he is currently working on new functionalization methods for complex molecules. Out of the athlete spirit, Alec likes to play various sports in his free time like volleyball, softball, hiking, tennis and badminton. He also enjoys playing piano or guitar, watching anime and practicing fountain pen calligraphy for relaxation.

Third Years

Kate Doktor

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Mount Holyoke College

Kate graduated from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts with a baccalaureate degree in chemistry. During her studies, she worked for Dr. Kyle Broaders on the development of copolymerizable monomers, 𝛼-hydroxy acids. In addition, she examined how the addition of triggered chain scissions, used to promote polymer backbone cleavage, affected their biodegradability and material properties. Upon graduation and moving away from the freezing North, she decided to move to Texas and join Dr. Michaudel’s group.  Her current work involves post-polymerization modification using modern organic chemistry. In her free time, Kate enjoys listening to music and dancing tango.

Sam Kempel

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Illinois State University

Sam comes to the Michaudel group from Illinois State University. At Illinois State, Sam investigated the synthesis of novel carbaporphyrinoids under the direction of Distinguished Professor Dr. Timothy D. Lash. He received his B.S. in Chemistry in May 2019 and started working in the Michaudel group soon after on the synthesis and characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and being ignored by his cats.

Second Years

Deepta Chattapadhyay


IISER – Kolkata

Deepta completed his Bachelor and Master’s studies at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata receiving an MS degree in Chemistry in July 2020. During his Master’s studies, Deepta synthesized small peptide-mimetics with novel gelator properties under the supervision of Prof. Debasish Haldar. In the Michaudel group, he is exploring SuFEx chemistry for a wide range of synthetic applications. In his free time, Deepta enjoys watching movies and cricket, hanging out with friends, and more importantly getting a good amount of sleep.

Alex Holter


Pacific Lutheran University

Alex is from Tacoma Washington, and attended Pacific Lutheran University where he received his Bachelor of Science in chemistry. During his time there Alex did research with Dr. Neal Yakelis and Dr. Jon Freeman, working on a brand new project to incorporate a Diels-Alder strategy for use in affinity chromatography. His time in the lab was spent on synthesizing a novel diene to bind to an agarose gel medium via azide-alkyne click chemistry that would then react with a dienophile to functionalize the agarose gel with various affinity ligands. In the Michaudel Lab, Alex is investigating the use of SuFEx Chemistry in a variety of synthetic applications. In his free time, he enjoys biking as well as exploring new areas. Back home Alex would often go hiking with friends. He also enjoys playing video games and watching YouTube.

First Years

Jake Nicholson

Portland State University

Jake was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Portland State University with a B.S. in Chemistry: Biochemistry in June 2021. At Portland State, he worked on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid lipid membrane-coated silver nanoparticles with uniform shape morphologies as well as dye-coated nickel nanoparticles under the supervision of Dr. Marilyn Mackiewicz. He also spent as year as a technician working in an industrial R&D chemistry lab at OSRAMOpto Semiconductors. Jake joined the lab of Dr. Quentin Michaudel in July 2021 where he is currently working on the targeted synthesis and design of novel singlet fission materials with photovoltaic applications. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading, movies, hiking, going to the gym, watching sports, and hanging out with friends.

An Tran

College of Wooster

An Tran graduated from the College of Wooster with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. During her senior year of college, she did an Independent Study under Dr. Liliana Morris’ supervision, researching the copolymerization of monomers derived from plant-based acids with an attempt to make a new biodegradable material that can replace harmful sodium polyacrylate in baby diapers. This 9-month research project has sparked An’s interest in sustainability in cosmetics, fashion, and polymer chemistry in general. With the goal of exploring this field, An joined Dr. Michaudel’s lab and is currently learning about the synthesis of conjugated polymers. When she’s not doing chemistry, An loves to cook, travel, play video games and watch Netflix.

Visiting Students

Antoine Gravet


Chimie ParisTech - Université PSL

Antoine was born and raised in Colmar, a city in eastern France. In 2020 after a two-year intensive program in science to prepare for national competitive exams INP, he went to Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Chimie de Paris. In the summer of 2021, Antoine finished a two-month worker and technician internship at Air Liquide Santé France, an international company. Antoine joined the lab of Dr. Quentin Michaudel in April 2022 for a 5-month internship. During the internship, he will be working on a project involving the design, development, and study of unique polymer materials. In his free time, Antoine enjoys watching soccer games and playing video games.

Undergraduate Students

Cate Conway


Texas A&M University

René Garciá


Texas A&M University

Rachel Wynn


Summer 2022 REU
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Spencer Li


Texas A&M University

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