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The focus of our group lies at the interface of organic chemistry, catalysis, and polymer science. We are interested in the development of reactions— including novel catalytic processes and polymerizations—allowing the synthesis of complex macro(molecule)s with unprecedented properties for applications ranging from energy production (e.g. solar cells), to sustainable plastics and novel therapeutics. Some key questions at the heart of our projects include: How does stereochemistry influence polymer properties and how can we harness it to design soft materials with tailored properties? Can we invent modular, efficient, and practical click reactions that afford functional and easily modifiable molecules?  


Below are a few examples of projects that are actively being explored in the Michaudel Lab: 

(1) The development of stereoselective olefin metathesis polymerizations for the precise synthesis of alkene-containing polymers

(2) The invention of SuFEx click processes coupled with photochemistry and catalysis to rapidly synthesize and functionalize both small molecules and polymers

(3) The use of heteroaryne chemistry to access nitrogenated polymers with tunable structures


Through monomer, catalyst, and polymer preparation, researchers will receive extensive training in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, as well as polymer synthesis and characterization.

NSF REU Research

Rachel Wynn
Southeastern Oklahoma State University


Leonardo Lizardi
University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras


Crystal Chi
Texas A&M University - Kingsville

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